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Rant: 100%

Posted by Philippe on October 24, 2006

What does 100% mean to you?

Does it mean:

  1. 20 out of 24 hours of uptime?
  2. 22 out of 24 hours of uptime?
  3. 23.8 out of 24 hours of uptime?
  4. 24 out of 24 hours of uptime? HINT: This is the answer.

Seriously! If you are a service provider and you have a 100% network and power uptime guarantee, are hosting corporate customers, and then have a 4 hour outage due to power on Saturday and then another 3 hour outage on Monday … you don’t have a 100% network and power uptime!

I’m sure that that’s surprising to many people who read this, but … come on! First off, 100% network and power uptime providers should have the following:

  1. Backup Power Systems
  2. Backup Network Providers
  3. Failsafe switches

If you don’t have those? Don’t guarantee 100%. If you want to guarantee 100% … get them.



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Rant: Craigslist & Spam

Posted by Philippe on October 19, 2006

OK. Craigslist. AWESOME concept, great implementation, excellent place to find things…

In theory, it has this capability where your email address will be anonymous so that you can post without spam spiders finding your address and then using it for their own nefarious means. Its supposed to cover your tracks and people send to which then forwards to your home address. Sweet! This means I can post job openings, resumes, ads, etc without having to worry about Mr. Spider running across my email and locating it.


I have an email address.. we’ll call it for fun. So I post with, mark it anonymous, and wait for the resumes. Do I get resumes? Sure. I get a couple. Excellent. Craigslist is doing what its supposed to be doing. Perfect.

A week later. Ms. Kaitlin sends me an email.

“hunggry mouthful of speermnot” as the subject line.

On my jobs@ email account. That isn’t a member of ANY mailing list, ANY clubs, or ANY outside location other than my website (which has been up for six months without gaining spam) and Craigslist as an anonymous poster.


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