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Rant: 100%

Posted by Philippe on October 24, 2006

What does 100% mean to you?

Does it mean:

  1. 20 out of 24 hours of uptime?
  2. 22 out of 24 hours of uptime?
  3. 23.8 out of 24 hours of uptime?
  4. 24 out of 24 hours of uptime? HINT: This is the answer.

Seriously! If you are a service provider and you have a 100% network and power uptime guarantee, are hosting corporate customers, and then have a 4 hour outage due to power on Saturday and then another 3 hour outage on Monday … you don’t have a 100% network and power uptime!

I’m sure that that’s surprising to many people who read this, but … come on! First off, 100% network and power uptime providers should have the following:

  1. Backup Power Systems
  2. Backup Network Providers
  3. Failsafe switches

If you don’t have those? Don’t guarantee 100%. If you want to guarantee 100% … get them.



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Business: Traffic v Sales

Posted by Philippe on October 18, 2006

Seriously. I’d write this on my corporate blog, but the whole thing makes no sense to me.  Why, in gods name, would a person want 100,00 untargetted hits to their website?  I guess I can comprehend the nature of the beast if it was your personal website and you had no real goal with it other than to “get people to look at it”, but from a business perspective?

My god. People have become so interested in watching their graphs grow and don’t pay attention to what the results actually are.  This semi-rant is built because of a comment that was made on The Small Business Forums. Someone asked how to improve traffic and examples were given including such things as spam, buying expired domain traffic and other options.  How does this ACTUALLY help your business?

Do you want 100,000 untargetted hits? Or do you want 1 sale? Personally, I’ll take the 1 sale even if its from 2 hits.  Then I have a 50% conversion rate.  100,000 hits that turn into 1 sale, or even worse .. 0.. what a waste of time!

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Business: Places for Help

Posted by Philippe on October 17, 2006

Finding help in business is difficult. Generally, you’re lucky if you know someone that can be a mentor to you. Places such as SCORE help for single questions, but are rarely the long term assistance that you need. More often than not, the people that are involved in SCORE are very busy and have other responsibilities — they can not hand hold you through everything.

To help with this, a few communities have been created.  When I started one of my own companies a while ago, I started looking for places that could offer this assistance. Most are dead and unused. The most active one that I have found is currently “Small Business Forums“.  There’s about 20-25 people who regularly seem to respond to postings and, generally, they appear to have a clue.

Because of the lack of centralization, I created one myself. This one is very heavily in development, but we’re open to allowing people on board.  Its called “Small Business Development” and entails articles, whitepapers, and forums — and an online real time community. I’m hoping to actually launch it by January 1, 2007 and have more articles and whitepapers available for review.

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