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Random: Just Writing

Posted by Philippe on November 22, 2006

I’m sitting here at 5 PM on the night before Thanksgiving, musing.  I’ve just finished working on various things — my game, my business, and my job search.  Its interesting to me that I’m forced to do both business and job search simultaneous. It seems that they should be polar opposites, yet the problem is that my business(es) aren’t financially stable enough to support me on a full time basis.  There are all these opportunities, yet none of them seem to ‘finish’.  They’re nebulous and closing my fingers around their ever moving target seems to be difficult.  The same goes for my job search.. I seem not to be able to “close” in on the right position, the open opportunity that fits my needs and my wishes. It makes it difficult for me to figure out what I need to be doing.

The game, at least, makes sense. When I am able to dedicate time and effort to it, it thrives and is extremely successful.  People enjoy it and there is a sense of vigor.  My dad’s always asked me, ever since I started playing around with online communities and providing service, “Why can’t you figure out how to make a living that way?”. Its a good question.  It even begs an answer … I wish I could answer it.  I’ve figured out ways to make a few thousand dollars a year from a single game — I don’t think that would be a problem.  But there’s no way that I can live off of a few thousand.  Much less pay back the time that it would take to develop up front.  Maybe I can figure out how to develop the up front and then adapt it, cookie-cutter-style, to simply copy it. Ten times a few thousand may be worth it.  But then you run into competition such as World of Warcraft, Stormreach, and Everquest…

In any case, the end of the year is when I truly start to run into problems, so I’m hoping that hope, perseversence and a little bit of luck will help me for 2007.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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