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Random: Time Management

Posted by Philippe on November 2, 2006

Something that crosses the boundaries of people attending school, working full time, and homemakers … Time Management.

  • The skills necessary to successfully navigate the dangers of making sure that you have time enough to accomplish that with is necessary.
  • The patience needed to deal with everything that comes flying at you from every which direction.
  • The knowledge that if you do not have both the skills and the patience, your life will end!

Well, more seriously, your life will not end, but perhaps its continued existance will be more difficult. I have been running into these problems lately.  Whether it is due to my personal lack of time management skills or, more likely, simply due to too much to do within the available amount of time is not relevant, but what has occurred is that I barely have enough time to handle most of my responsibilities.

My average day currently consists of:

6:30 AM: Awaken and get ready to go to work
7:00 AM: Check business email and respond as necessary
7:30 AM: Leave for work
8:30 AM: Arrive at current contract
4:00 PM: Leave for home
4:45 PM: Arrive home, greet wife and child, help with necessary things around the house
5:00 PM: Check business email, voicemail and handle additional problems that have arisen throughout the day
6:00 PM: Shop for dinner, either cook or play with son, eat dinner
7:30 PM: Do homework
9:00 PM: Look for full time work by checking web boards, contacting personal network, etc
9:30 PM: Check Online Communities for fires
10:00 PM: Put son to bed
10:30 PM: Finish homework / business
12:00 AM: Go to bed
1:00 AM: Probably fall asleep 😉

Its no wonder that I don’t have time to do anything else or spend a great deal of time with my wife anymore.  Eventually, I’ll figure this out an, hopefully, be able to get things more organized.  Suggestions are welcome. ;P  At least when this contract is over, I’ll have more time again — granted, I will be back to the more difficult side of trying to make sure I can find away to generate a strong (and stable) enough income!


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