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Posted by chaosrunner on October 23, 2006

So I was watching Food Network this evening (which isn’t a big surprise for anyone who knows me) and an episode of Bobby Flay’s show ‘Throwdown’ was on. He went to Philadelphia to challenge one of the best purveyors of cheesesteaks in the city, Tony Luke. I’m from Philadelphia originally and while it may be a bit of a stereotype, I love cheesesteaks. Well, not the cheese part. I’m not fond of cheese, except for mozerella on pizza. But that’s beside the point.

There was a lot that was said during the episode about what makes the perfect cheesesteak and I have to agree with a lot of it. It’s not any one thing. The bread is important and it’s the thing that most places outside of Philly seem to miss. Even if the same type of steak is used, it’s not the same if the bread’s not right. But even with all of the ingredients being the same, it’s still not the same. There’s something of the city’s attitude that’s essential to the sandwich. Without it, you’re left with something that’s a little less than a Philly cheesesteak.


One Response to “Cheesesteaks”

  1. Philippe said

    No doubt! I completely agree. We watched the same exact show and commented on the fact that the bread is exactly what makes or breaks the cheesesteak! Its kind of amusing.

    Personally, the whole concept of cheeze whiz just throws me off, but the bread is THE thing.

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