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Another voice..

Posted by Jazmin on October 20, 2006

Before this collaboration begins to read as Phillipe’s thoughts alone with only occaisaional comments from others, I felt I should add another voice into the mix.

I am not a business person, I do not work in a coporate world (academia is not corporate, no matter how much some people try to make it so). I am a fibre artist, a knitter, spinner, lacemaker, gamer. All of that is a longwinded way of explaining (warning perhaps?) of a totally different perspective. 🙂

Nothing illustrates this more than my occaisional treks across campus, especially during that brief flurry of activity that happens on Winegard Walk just after class ends when students have a mere 10 mins to hurry off to another class. Except that I do not, as staff I likely have a meeting to get too, but on my way back to my office, I can stroll. Enjoy watching the students, watching the leaves upon the green. Pause to watch a young man practicing juggling on the lawn of the arts and social science building. Pause to wonder what an amateur camera crew (four people with a video camera looking perplexed) and a young woman who stands in front of the camera laughing are trying to capture. Watch young couples walk hand in hand from the major cafeteria back down into the heart of campus. On a university campus, it is not spring when young people’s fancies are perked, but rather autumn. October is generally about when they have seen each other in class, in residences, at the bars just long enough to have caught someone’s eye.

Everytime I have to walk across campus, I’m reminded of the energy of working with youth, who are still (generally) idealistic, still living in an unreal world of academia and campus life.

I should walk across campus more often.


One Response to “Another voice..”

  1. Philippe said

    I’d be walking more too. Get out of the droll existance of corporate business and reality, fall back into the idyllic times of yore. 🙂 Man. I’m getting old!

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