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Business: Traffic v Sales

Posted by Philippe on October 18, 2006

Seriously. I’d write this on my corporate blog, but the whole thing makes no sense to me.  Why, in gods name, would a person want 100,00 untargetted hits to their website?  I guess I can comprehend the nature of the beast if it was your personal website and you had no real goal with it other than to “get people to look at it”, but from a business perspective?

My god. People have become so interested in watching their graphs grow and don’t pay attention to what the results actually are.  This semi-rant is built because of a comment that was made on The Small Business Forums. Someone asked how to improve traffic and examples were given including such things as spam, buying expired domain traffic and other options.  How does this ACTUALLY help your business?

Do you want 100,000 untargetted hits? Or do you want 1 sale? Personally, I’ll take the 1 sale even if its from 2 hits.  Then I have a 50% conversion rate.  100,000 hits that turn into 1 sale, or even worse .. 0.. what a waste of time!


2 Responses to “Business: Traffic v Sales”

  1. chaosrunner said

    I agree 100%. Untargetted traffic only helps if you’re building revenue through ad views. And there’s next to no money in that, though it’s not a bad thing to add as a suplement. But if your primary goal is building revenue through the sale of a product or service, untargetted traffic is a senseless waste of money.

  2. Jazmin said

    Just the mention of a business trying the spam route generally raises my hackles, and I expect the hackles of many ‘net users. It may increase traffic (likely useless traffic.. who actually clicks on spam messages anyhow?), but at what reputation cost?

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